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Fear, anxiety, and needless toil are not required components to passing the bar exam. There are no extra points for suffering.

Natalia: July 2023

“I came to Debbie after failing the UBE for the second time. At that point, my confidence was gone. I thought there was no way I was ever going to get over this hump - especially with PA’s 272 score requirement. I randomly searched google for a bar exam tutor and came across Debbie’s name. She has hundreds of positive reviews with success stories for a reason. I decided to pick up the phone and call Debbie that day- and I am so grateful I did. Debbie assured me I could pass this exam - she just kept saying to “get in the car and let her drive”. As a retaker I was hesitant - you think to yourself “if I havent passed yet, how could this time be any different.” I decided to hire Debbie and give this exam another shot. She gave me assignments weekly: countless mbe questions, essays, and MPTs. Yes it was a lot of work - but if you do what she says YOU WILL PASS THIS EXAM!! When it came time to take the test, I felt a sense of peace knowing Debbie prepared me as much as possible.

After the exam, Debbie was available whenever I reached out and needed a pep talk. On results day, she stayed on the phone with me for as long as I needed. She reminded me how hard I worked and I would do nothing different no matter the outcome: that’s what makes this such a huge accomplishment.

On October 6, 2023 I can proudly say I passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam!! Debbie puts her heart and soul into helping people like me get over the finish line. Thanks to her I not only passed the bar exam, but I have my confidence back. I will always be thankful for whatever force told me to surf the web that day and click on Debbie’s name.”


Arin: February 2021

“In December, I graduated from law school and began studying for the bar. From December 22, 2020 through February 21, 2021, I put in about 6-12 hours every day, taking off for Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. I had to make this happen, the bar is expensive, prep courses are more expensive, and a JD without a law license is beyond expensive. Law schools spend 3-4 years scaring you into believing that you won’t pass the bar unless you spend thousands on a commercial prep course. I’m a single parent without excess funds lying around so when the time came, I refinanced my house and bought the prep course. Several weeks in, I was overwhelmed and crying in front of the computer on a daily basis. I wasn’t retaining information and I was spending hours every day trying to listen to lectures and realizing I wasn’t even hearing the words. A friend of mine suggested that I reach out to her cousin who was in the business of bar prep so in a desperate, crying moment, I messaged Debbie, not even sure what I was looking for. I certainly didn’t have any money left but I was a mess that day and I think I was hoping for some kind of magic pointer or tip, anything to just talk me off the ledge I felt like I was standing on. What I got was a no-nonsense pep talk from a stranger who ended up changing my life.

Debbie kept saying things about getting in a car and letting someone else drive….this is ridiculously hard for someone who’s always been the driver. She immediately got me started on a method that was entirely different than what I had been doing which, on one hand, was an immense relief and on the other, sent my anxiety through the roof. Studying for the bar is unlike anything I have ever done before. One day, I would get things right and something would make sense and I knew I could do this, the next, I would get almost everything wrong and I knew this was a waste of my time and hers and I would never pass. I spent weeks doing what Debbie said to do and pushing down the urges to study like the commercial course had told me to. I know my anxiety and resistance were frustrating for her on more than one occasion, it was frustrating for me as well. I wasn’t sleeping, I was hardly eating and when I did, it was straight garbage. My skin was a mess, it was a rare day that I took a shower before 7 pm, and crying and panic attacks became a routine part of my life. I lost count of how many times I took a break to ugly cry and then got back to work because I would be damned if I was going to meet with Debbie and not have done what she told me to do. My stress level was higher through this process than I can ever remember but once I started working with Debbie, it at least felt like stress with a purpose. She might think I was a resistant pain in the butt sometimes but I hung on to this lady’s words and advice like my life depended on it until the day I took the bar.

I don’t know if it’s possible to take the bar exam and come out of it feeling confident but I at least finished it feeling like there was a good chance my name was going to show up on that list in a few months. As the weeks went on, that feeling started going away. I worried pretty consistently that I hadn’t passed and one of the things I dreaded was letting Debbie down after being her first scholarshipped student. Last Friday the results came out and my name was on that list and I knew with 100% certainty that it was because I had said to hell with the commercial course and worked with Debbie. To a lot of people out of the legal field, the bar exam is just some test and in fact people will tell you that repeatedly to try and make you feel better or calm down while you’re killing yourself studying or waiting for results. If you’ve gone through law school, it’s not just a test. It’s the thing that stands between you and the payoff for everything you’ve been working towards for years. Hearing it referred to as just as test can be really frustrating and even a little insulting. Seeing my name on that list was one of the coolest, most mind blowing things I’ve gotten to experience so far in my 42 years and the gratitude I feel to through this process isn’t something I can even appropriately express.

Debbie told me that she had a professor once who did this for her and that it was something that changed her life. This was an incredible and invaluable gift and I hope someday I have the opportunity to pay it forward and impact someone else’s journey this much. I know many people who have taken this exam multiple times and having passed on my first attempt, I am convinced that it’s not because I’m so highly intelligent but because I was gifted with the proper guidance.”


"Fail or pass whatever, you are the most committed individual to helping those who seek your help I’ve ever encountered. Its a miracle that I found you. Let me be very clear, forget what happens in a couple days when results come out, I would not have made it through the PROCESS without you, let alone getting to the victory. I would have buckled or made excuses. Your training carried me through the day. That is a fact. The experience of getting to the seat to which I was assigned was the miracle that you alone were responsible for, in that you allowed me to have swagger and confidence during that exam. You showed me I was capable of doing things I never thought were possible. For that I am eternally grateful, Deb. You have no idea. You shouldered that responsibility in a way that was magnificent to watch. I am proud of myself because you taught me to be. The hardest part has been allowing myself to be proud of that. The hardest part has been letting go of the result, and I have been working just as hard on that as I worked on achieving it. You gave me this light. I am going to carry it with me forever and I am in your debt."



Clarine 2018 UBE

"I was hesitant about contacting a tutor because I had used several big box study companies for the bar in the past and nothing seemed to work. After my unsuccessful attempts at passing the DC bar, I gave up and went on with my life for about 10 years. In late 2017 – early 2018, I decided to give it one more try but I knew I had to change my study method. One friend suggested a tutor and someone from the admission office at my law school mentioned Debbie. I read reviews for days before selecting Debbie. Her reviews were consistently overwhelmingly positive. I contacted Debbie and shared my story. From the first visit, Debbie shared that the unsuccessful bar exam attempts do not have to define my life and that I could certainly overcome it. Honestly, I did not believe her because what would be different from her method to what I had done before. So glad I was wrong about this! We started the weekly sessions and in the midst of leading a major project at work, raising two little girls, and being a wife, Debbie gave me assignments that were manageable and doable. I decided I was going to do everything she laid out for me on a weekly basis. Make no mistake – it’s work, but it’s worth it!! As I progressed through the sessions, Debbie would increase the workload and adjust as needed. The aspect that I appreciated the most was the week of the bar exam, Debbie sent me this inspiring e-mail to send me on my way. That e-mail made all the difference – I read it each morning for the exam for encouragement. I can honestly say that there was nothing of surprise on the exam; I recognized the issues being tested and comfortably wrote my essays with ease. In fact, I felt great after taking the exam. I am proud to report that I just received my results and I PASSED the DC bar – 12 years after graduating from law school and about 10 years from the last time I sat for it. Debbie has a gift for this – just follow her instructions. I highly recommend Debbie with absolutely no reservations!"


From Amanda 2017 UBE

I came to Debbie after having just found out I failed my first attempt at the bar exam. I was overwhelmed and confused because I had just studied harder than I ever had in my life for bar exam #1. I gave it 100% of my effort and it had not been enough to pass. Nothing changes if nothing changes so I knew something had to change if I wanted to be successful at the bar exam the second time. Enter Debbie, a true expert at the bar exam. It is not by chance that she has all 5-star ratings. I learned that passing the bar exam is more than raw intelligence, it’s being able to perform the specific tasks on the bar in a timed and generally anxiety provoking setting; really a special skill unto itself and much more than simply knowing the black letter law. With her expertise and 10+ years of training law school students to pass the bar, she is able to efficiently guide you through the bar study process every step of the way. Every activity she has you do is applicable to the actual skills you need when you walk into that bar exam room and the clock starts ticking. You will not find endless hours of passively watching lecture videos with Debbie. You will work, and you will work hard, but you will feel prepared when you walk into that room on test day because after working with Debbie; you have become proficient in the law you need to know, but most importantly, you have become proficient in the skill of being able to apply your knowledge of the law in the precise way the bar examiners demand. Not only that, but Debbie was a constant support throughout the whole process which dramatically reduced the anxiety of the bar study process. For me, bar exam #1 was like being lost alone in the woods and with Debbie on bar exam #2, it was like having an expert guide by my side at all times; she kept me focused and always knowing where I was going. On bar exam #2, with Debbie’s expert guidance, I scored a 300+; a much different result than I had the first time around. Do yourself a favor, invest in yourself and in your future, in your dream of becoming an attorney and hire Debbie as soon as possible—her spots fill up quick! Like me, when you’re holding up your right hand and being sworn in as a new member of the bar, having successfully passed the exam, I feel confident you too will feel like it’s the best investment you’ve ever made. -Amanda, 10 lessons with Deborah


From Tom 2018 UBE

In February, I sat for the Colorado Bar Exam. I had passed the Minnesota bar 20 years ago and I never thought I would ever take a bar exam again. However life happens, and I found myself in Colorado and unable to "waive-in" to the Colorado bar because I had detoured from law practice for several years. While reactivating my Minnesota license was not difficult, becoming licensed to practice in Colorado meant taking the bar exam again. I thought I could prepare on my own. I was wrong. I spent way too much time trying to learn and memorize the law across the many bar subjects, and way too little time drilling on practice questions. In May I learned that I failed Colorado’s February bar exam. I missed success by 7 points. Mind you, I would have passed Minnesota again, easily. But not Colorado and their higher 276 passing UBE score requirement. After a week of feeling sorry for myself, I regrouped and resolved to pass the July exam, which was only 10 weeks away. At first, I thought my mistake was not enrolling in a traditional BarBri or Kaplan prep course. But then it hit me--what about a tutor? My google search took me to Wyzant's website where I came across Deborah Sanders as a bar prep tutor. I read many of her reviews. Very, very positive. I emailed her. She promptly responded and we had a phone call shortly thereafter. She made it clear that her approach was different. She is very big on practice, practice, practice. Using specific materials, at specific times, in increasing volumes. Deb cares so much about her students' success and the approach, that our sessions were always high-energy, don't-look-back, move-forward, achieve-this-goal mentality. Her passion, her long experience as a bar tutor, and her detailed approach really helped me trust the process! We generally met by Skype once every other week over the 9-10 week period. I knew that I needed to accomplish the goals Deb gave me by our next session. She kept me on pace. If I was confused or had questions, she promptly texted or phoned or skyped--despite her full plate of other students. Deb assured me that my daily and weekly work would pay off. I just had to trust the process. By early July I started getting substantially higher MBE scores on the official NCBE practice tests. And that continued through the exam. From the earliest engagement, I felt a high degree of trust with Deb. I simply couldn't bear the idea of failing again, so I put all my faith in Deb and her process. Not only was she a great tutor, but she held me accountable each session, and her energy and confidence really helped carry me through the long hard hours of prep. Did I feel better about my performance after the July exam? I definitely felt more comfortable on the MBE—but honestly, how can you ever really know whether you did well on an MBE? The only thing I really knew were my practice test results (using actual past exam questions) prior to the bar were consistently much better than the last time. I did feel better about the essay portion of the exam. But less so for the MPTs. I always struggle with spending much time prepping for those. It’s now October and I just learned that I passed the bar! In the months of waiting self-doubt gradually took over and convinced me that I probably hadn't done very well again. But my scores on the Colorado bar exam results letter didn't lie. I didn’t just pass, I crushed it! A 303! Way up from my failing 269 in February. I owe this success to Deb's passion, energy, process, follow-up, and overall commitment to her students. She doesn't boast or puff up her success. But she will tell you that the students that don't pass usually admit that they simply didn't do the work. But if you commit and do the work, she does all she can to help you successfully cross that finish line. So if you're looking for a bar tutor, contact Deb early! She's the best. And she fills up fast! Thanks Deb!


From Yalda PA 2019

"Dear Debbie,

I hope you are well. This email is WAY overdue but I have not had a day off since the Bar. I went back to work on Thursday and it really was like I never left. But, I am here now.
Throughout the past few months, I expressed my gratitude to you and thanked you for all that you do and did for me. But to be honest, there is much more to it than a plain thank you from me. This Bar prep with you saved me. I can't be dramatic and say it "saved my life," but I am doing it justice by saying that it saved me.
The past 3 years of my life have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. From fighting the immigration system to struggling through a series of personal issues, I had been beaten down. When I received the "We are sorry but you did not pass the July 2019 Bar Exam," I felt so defeated. At that time, and afterward, I was battling an abusive relationship. I had given another person the license to persuade me into thinking that they know me better than I know myself. And in that process, I lost myself. I lost all confidence and frankly, I did not trust myself anymore. When I began Bar prep with you, I was still fighting through those emotions and mental attachments. I simply had allowed the situations that life had placed me in, and another person, define who I am. It took me some time, but I would say right around mid-January something happened. I found myself.
For months, I had lost the spark that got me up every single day. I had really gone down a hole I never thought I would be in. And it wasn't just failing the Bar, but it was the accumulation of life AND failing the Bar. But this is where you came in. You truly showed me not only that I should believe in myself and trust myself, but you showed me WHY I should so. You helped me see that knowing myself is the most important thing to hold on to--it is what had led me to persevere through so many obstacles and it was what allowed me to push through the past few months. To be honest, I had never in my life been more focused than I was in the month of February. I felt that I could receive the worst news about my Dad, my ex could show up at my door the day of the Bar, but I was still going to take the exam because I had earned my seat in that auditorium.
On the day of the exam on both days, I looked at the check-in sign and smiled and then out of nowhere started to cry; but these were good tears. I felt so prepared and nothing felt better than that.
Now, I would be lying if I said that I don't think about my results every single day and that I am not still afraid of failing--because I am. I think about it every day and I am nervous for the results every day. But, from a big picture standpoint, I truly learned a lesson out of this. With your help, I found myself again--and nothing is more rewarding than that.
Thank you, Debbie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
All my best,
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