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Bar Exam Dates :

July 2021

27th and 28th

February 2022

22nd and 23rd


New Jersey Judiciary Website

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Fear, anxiety, and needless toil are not required components to passing the bar exam. There are no extra points for suffering.


"As the potential bar exam student well knows, there are many options available for bar study- from the  big bar prep companies to all variations of  private tutoring. 
While the big bar companies have the monopoly in terms of number of students that end up enrolling, what is really required is the  ability to dismantle the bar exam prep process into do-able portions. 
Most bar tutors will focus on essays alone, Debbie also has a great strategy for the MBE whereby you end up becoming very familiar and much more comfortable with the questions.

Debbie does this brilliantly.  She conveys the exact recipe required-   a combination of  bar and emotional prep  that allows  you to get out of your  own way, do the work and get the result. I had many self doubts- I am an older student and standardized tests do not come easily for me.  Using Debbie’s methods, I was successful  with the July 2016 NJ bar.  She really is the best—— bar none!"