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February 27-28, 2024

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new_jersey_bar_exam_essay_prep_booksSpecializing in a methodical and predictable approach to the Bar Exam! And now with an emphasis on the UBE

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Fear, anxiety, and needless toil are not required components to passing the bar exam. There are no extra points for suffering.

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Description of course service:

This course is typically delivered in private one-on-one settings or in small groups by request, via remote (SKYPE, FACETIME). Most students prefer the individualized attention. The course work is defined and is carried out over several weeks before the exam, with meetings occurring about 6-8 times total, though I will meet weekly in some instances at a student's request and for a higher fee.  I also accept students later into the process on a accelerated schedule of tasks. *I will offer the course at law schools to larger groups upon request.

The course sessions are intended to provide specific preparation instruction for the essay and MBE portion of bar exam using a process-driven methodology.

The typical one-on-one course fee is $2,450, though prices may vary if a student requests more time than the traditional course requires. Group/university rates are available. Please contact me for more specific information. In general, my demand exceeds my availability most bars. Please attempt to secure a spot as soon as possible.

* Limited small group instruction is available. Contact us to learn more about rates and scheduling availability for these unique course delivery settings.


This course is designed to provide structure and predictability, and thus to reduce anxiety and wasted prep time by using a systematic approach to preparing the known and recurring issues for both the MBE and the essay portion the UBE Exam.  For the essay portion of the exam, students gain mastery in both the issue identification process and application of the substantive law to essay writing by identifying the recurring testable issues and preparing the substantive law on the issues repeatedly tested.  Unlike the MBE portion of the exam, which tests the entire scope of the law in a superficial fashion, the essay portion is designed to test a small and predictable portion of the law, but in a much deeper way. For this reason, preparation for the essay portion of the exam cannot be achieved simply through practice for the MBE, or by watching lectures. Essay preparation requires application of a different skill set.

new_jersey_bar_exam_essay_prep_books.jpgFor the MBE portion of the exam, though the scope of the law tested is much greater than in essays, the depth of knowledge required in the applied task is much more superficial. As a result, students gain mastery of questions through an emphasis on exposure to both form (nuances and devices), or tricks, and substance (black-letter law), rather than wasting effort memorizing tests for every concept of law under the sun, typically presented in day-long lecture formats. Lectures do not help in the actual task of answering questions! This course focuses on mastering applied tasks by using authentic bar materials and preparing for the bar on its own terms. Contrary to the fear that this course will add to students’ time constraints, this course’s defined instruction allows students to make better use of their time and material resources, especially after commercial course lectures have ended and students need the most guidance to make the most effective use of the time remaining before the exam.

As much as possible, we rely on authentic bar examiner materials.

The course meets several times over the weeks leading up to the exam and individual need. Though the course methodology is set, each student has unique needs. I adapt my work to what best suits individual strength and weaknesses, but within a defined approach.  Students are given discrete tasks and instruction during meetings and return to subsequent meetings with completed work in preparation for the next assignment.  The essay portion of the course culminates in a completed study tool used to apply toward actual exam-writing practice.