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The Best in New Jersey Bar Exam Prep, Bar None

Bar Exam Dates :

February 27-28, 2024

July 30-31, 2024



New Jersey Judiciary Website

National Conference of Bar Examiners


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Fear, anxiety, and needless toil are not required components to passing the bar exam. There are no extra points for suffering.

Schedule of Classes


Course times and method of delivery are individually arranged according to suitability. Typically July takers begin meeting in late April-mid-May.

For the February exam, students typically begin sessions in November. Students with significant work/family commitments often request earlier start dates, which may be arranged, upon request and at a higher fee. I do not recommend starting earlier than April/November respectively; however, in either case, signing up early is key. The course is largely uniquely and privately arranged. As a result, spots are limited and fill up fast, often by referral alone.