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2017 NJ Bar Exams:

February 21st and 22nd

July 25th and 26th


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Fear, anxiety, and needless toil are not required components to passing the bar exam. There are no extra points for suffering.


"As the potential bar exam student well knows, there are many options available for bar study- from the  big bar prep companies to all variations of  private tutoring. 
While the big bar companies have the monopoly in terms of number of students that end up enrolling, what is really required is the  ability to dismantle the bar exam prep process into do-able portions. 
Most bar tutors will focus on essays alone, Debbie also has a great strategy for the MBE whereby you end up becoming very familiar and much more comfortable with the questions.

Debbie does this brilliantly.  She conveys the exact recipe required-   a combination of  bar and emotional prep  that allows  you to get out of your  own way, do the work and get the result. I had many self doubts- I am an older student and standardized tests do not come easily for me.  Using Debbie’s methods, I was successful  with the July 2016 NJ bar.  She really is the best—— bar none!"




Mike Berman, Esq. says:

I just wanted to let you know that I thought your New Jersey Bar Essay Review class was fantastic. Your class definitely enhanced my preparation for the essay portion of the New Jersey Bar. In fact, I found it extremely helpful in taking the PA Bar as well, because it helped me to nail down exactly what constitutes a competent bar exam essay, and or course the "core subject" material was basically the same. I was able to approach both states' essays with confidence, and I'm sure my performance was much better than it would have been without your help.


Richard M. Buck, Jr., Esq. says:

I could not afford a commercial bar prep course. Instead, I took Deb Sanders' bar prep course and passed the New Jersey Bar the first time. Her no-nonsense, coach-like approach assesses your strengths, your weaknesses and thoroughly hammers the fundamentals of successful bar-taking so that no matter how tense it gets reading through the exam questions, her training kicks in and you find yourself applying her method despite yourself.

Deb's focused instruction does not waste time (does not demand endless hours) and her feedback on your practice answers is personal, effective and prompt. Her program is both structured and flexible. Structured in the she makes sure you know all the law you need to know and the mechanics of crafting the type of exam answer the graders crave: concise, thorough and easy to follow. The course is flexible in the sense that her approach allows for individual differences in learning style and knowledge of the law. I cannot recommend her course highly enough.


Jacqueline Getman, Esq. says:

I took the essay course at Rutgers with Debbie Sanders.  Classes were geared to passing the New Jersey Essay portion of the Bar Exam. The class allowed us to prepare for the essays at a level that surpassed any other Bar Review writing class that I had taken.

Ms. Sanders had us spot issues, outline, and regularly write essays each class.  We spotted issues for all New Jersey Essays for the last five years. During the class, we came up with routinely tested areas as well as additional hot topics. Additionally, as a class we came up with approaches for answering all of the New Jersey subject matters tested.

When I sat for the New Jersey Bar Exam, the benefits and skills learned in Ms. Sanders class showed. I was easily able to answer the essay questions using the techniques we learned in class. Because I was so well prepared, I had additioal time for other essay questions.

I am so grateful to have had th opportunity to take Ms. Sanders' class. When I prepared using other Bar Review writing classes, my essays did not see an increase in points. What Ms. Sanders offered me was not only a well organized writing approach for answering the essays but the confidence to do so. Each week, Ms. Sanders was positive encouraging and helpful. I would not have passed the New Jeresy and Pennslyvania Bar without the assistance of Ms. Sanders.


Jeremy J. Sturgeon, Esq. says:

When I moved to New Jersey, I had absolutely no idea how to take the essay portion of the New Jersey Bar Exam.  I knew how to write and I knew the law, but I did not know how to write about the law!  Before taking Ms. Sanders' essay course, I would often write without focusing on the central issue of the question. Ms. Sanders' essay course teaches students how to prepare for the major issues that appear in each essay question on the Bar Exam.  By using the methods taught in Ms. Sanders' course, I was able to organize each essay answer and I gained the confidence I needed to succeed on the Bar Exam.  After successfully completing Ms. Sanders' course, I passed the New Jersey Bar Exam!


Erika L. Goldberg, Esq. says:

Working with Debbie was a wonderful experience.  Her unique approach to preparing and breaking down the essays really made a difference.  Debbie not only helped me prepare the materials for the exam, but also helped build my confidence in what I was studying.  I couldn’t have done it without her!


Gerald Burke, M.D., Esq. says:

I wanted to let you know that I did pass both the PA and NJ Bar Exams in February.  I am already sworn into the Bar in PA and I am in the process of submitting my materials for New Jersey.

I also wanted to let you know how valuable I found your course, your instruction, and your approach to preparing for and taking the exams.  By gleaning the issues out of the previous 6 years of exams, then preparing outlines emphasizing those issues to focus my study efforts, it really maximized my study time.  This helped to reduce what initially appeared to be an overwhelming volume of material to a semi-manageable quantity.

Your emphasis on spending 45 minutes and no more on each question was also invaluable to me.  I often found myself running well beyond this time when I was working on the February back exams writing my own essay answers to those questions.  I made sure that I modified my techniques for reading the questions and then outlining and writing the answers to fit within these strict 45 minute parameters.

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